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In light of our most current global affairs, society has seen quite a change in mentality. We’re now seeing a much higher focus placed on physical and mental health and wellbeing. So many more people are actively searching for ways to look after their bodies and, even more importantly, their minds. With the majority of the world in some sort of isolation or quarantine, people are experiencing their feelings and emotions so much stronger than they were before. Before Covid-19 and the need for social distancing, there were ways to distract yourself from your worries. Now, people are realising the importance of self-care and wellbeing, and are seeing the effect it has on their person. 

We believe this change of attitude will carry on through society when this pandemic is over. People will hopefully continue to pay attention to their wellbeing and carry on caring for themselves both physically and emotionally. While everyone’s travel plans may be on hold for the time being, there will come a day when you can book a flight and take a well-deserved holiday. Many of you will be in search of wellness holidays. Aiglon Morzine are here to tell you why Morzine is the perfect place to be if you’re looking to kick back, relax and look after number one.


What Is A Wellness Holiday?

We like to differentiate a wellness holiday by the aura that your trip leaves you with. Wellness holidays and wellbeing retreats should leave you feeling good, healthy, at peace, rejuvinated and relaxed. The destination should be a slow-paced and laid back environment. Think nature, mountains, lakes, oceans. Not a busy metropolis city. Somewhere you can breathe in the good, clean, fresh air and take a minute to slow down and just relax. The purpose of a wellness holiday is to allow you to do as you please, do whatever makes you happy and whatever makes you feel good. For many, this means yoga and meditations, good healthy nutritious food, wine tastings, and spa treatments. It can also mean taking part, being active, keeping your body moving and experiencing new things. It’s all about mindfulness and self-care. 

You’re not rushing around making sure you visit all the landmarks, museums and monuments in the hustle and bustle of an active city, you’re simply soaking up the sun, and breathing in the crisp air. Now that you know what a wellness holiday involves, and are aware of how remarkable it is and how it’s just what you want and need after the current global misfortune we’re all in, read on to find out what Morzine has to offer and why it’s the picture-perfect wellness holiday destination.


Why Morzine is the Perfect Wellness Holiday


Fitness: Mountain biking/ Skiing/ Hiking/ Fitness Centres

Whether you decide to visit us in the Summer or the Winter, we have tons of fitness activities to try out to keep your body moving and keep you feeling rejuvenated and alive. In the Winter we have skiing on the snow-covered mountains, then when summer rolls around and the snow has melted, Morzine exposes its lush green terrain. Many of our visitors love to take advantage of the beautiful alps and go mountain biking in the Summer in Morzine.

As well as extreme, adrenaline-filled sports that’ll be sure to get your blood rushing, we have tons of fitness centres for a lighter but just as refreshing workout.

Regular group hikes are often hosted or you can take to the mountains yourself to find your inner peace. Our mountains offer the perfect landscape and stunning views.



Our spa and beauty centres are usually open year-round, so if you’re here for our sunny spells or our frosty slopes, trips to the spa are always on the table. Massages, hot rock body therapy, mud baths, and so many other wellness and beauty treatments are widely available in Morzine. Many therapists will also make home visits so you can avail of these facilities from the comfort of your room. 


Yoga & Meditation

Morzine hosts regular yoga, zen workouts and meditation classes for you to get in touch with yourself and ease your mind of any stress or worry you may have.

Emily Ruth Yoga is worth checking out for your next visit to us in Morzine, as well as The Yoga Pixy. You should also check out the amazing Mountain Rehab which might be exactly what you need during your wellness holiday.

With Summer in Morzine, there are often many other wellness activities we have to offer such as fishing, horseback riding, and golf. Our Winter activities in Morzine include ice skating, wall climbing, and ice diving. You can find all the information on our website, or feel free to contact us with any further queries.


We hope you stay safe for the time being, and we look forward to accommodating you on your wellness holiday when things get back to normal.

The Team at Aiglon Morzine