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We’ve done you the amazing favour of compiling a list of all the great things to do in Morzine this winter, suitable to all interests. If you’re not a fan of the slopes, or the weather is just too hectic and you prefer to stay snuggled in your Morzine Accommodation, then this blog is for you. We have put together a bunch of ideas and places you can check out which don’t include any snow at all!

For the outdoorsy types.


Let’s get the obvious out of the way and start with; Skiing! Not only skiing but all things cold..



If you’re going to morzine for a skiing holiday, you’ll have no trouble finding a good spot. Just about anywhere that you’ll be staying you’ll have the slopes right outside your window.

Taking up a portion of the massive Portes du Soleil ski area, Morzine connects 12 different resorts on the French and Swiss borders.

There are 287 pistes which in total cover 650km
, 196 ski lifts
, 632 snow canons covering 367 hectares, 7 snow parks, 3 half pipes and 4 border-cross courses – so you’ll have no trouble finding a slope that’s best for you. Our accommodation is just a short walk away from the super Morzine link, and we can arrange ski passes, equipment and transfers at your time of booking.


Husky sledding

Want to explore the area but too lazy to walk or ski? See the sights in style! Get out there and try husky sledding! There’s plenty of choice including kid friendly options for you alone, with friends or family to get out and enjoy a ride along. Check out deals at Porte Du Soleil.

Ice skating

If you’d like to stay upright on the ice rather than plummet down a mountain of it; ice skating is the right choice for you! Right in the centre of morzine they’ve got amazing ice rinks. Outdoor ones that give you gorgeous views of the mountains, and if the weather conditions are not skating friendly; indoor rinks save the day. Giving you and the whole family a great activity to do together. And don’t worry if you’re not a pro; they’ve got stability aids in the form of little penguins to hold you steady.


For the ones who love to relax

Love to chill and to pamper yourself? Rightly so; you deserve it! 

A Day at the Spa

If you’re really just tagging along and have no interest in anything that requires any energy and all you really want is to just relax and enjoy your time off, then run to your nearest spa or wellness centre! Morzine has plenty of spas, and they are the epitome of relaxation. Alleviate those muscle pains and loosen the joints with massages, saunas and steam rooms or pamper yourself with a facial or body scrub or any of the other amazing treatments available in many spa centres in Morzine. 


Want something tranquil but also to try something new? Paragliding may not sound like it would be a relaxing affair; seeing as you are technically falling from the sky… But the thing is; youre falling really slowly! Just sit back and float through the sky and observe the mountains and tranquil views in what is a truly soul opening experience.


For The intellectuals


Want to step out of the box and spend your holiday bettering yourself and broadening your skills? Why not get some french lessons to feel more at home with the locals during your stay!

In the centre of the city, you’ll find Alpine french school. This wonderful establishment offer french lessons for all ages and skill stages with super flexible times available for learning. Hit them up after your afternoon on the slopes and learn a new language. Check out courses here.


For the ones who love a splash

Water is basically snow! but melted…Spend your skiing holiday splashing around indoors in the warmer and subjectively better version of snow; water. 



Morzine has a wide selection of indoor swimming areas in the winter. Their main swimming complex is in “The Morzine Parc des Dérêches” which is a sports centre offering a wide range of sports and fitness activities even in the winter time. It’s got a 25 metre pool, a great kids area, wellness centre with saunas and if you don’t even want to get wet you can chill and relax at their bar and cafe area. 



Somewhere well worth visiting if you’d like a swim and something extra would be Aquariaz, Avoriaz; which is described on their website as;  “An indoor aquatic paradise with heated pools & fun for all the family.” and they couldn’t be more right. It is a paradise! 

This place is seriously stunning. It’s a waterpark with all the works; a lazy river, thrilling waterslides and a chill zone where they’ve got two areas of bubble-massage seats, a 1.2 m deep pool with a climbing wall that extends the whole way along and even an outdoor Jacuzzi that looks out over the mountains. Does it get better than that?


For the foodies and drinkers


Fond of a drink and your dinnertime? Aren’t we all..


It’s been a long day of crazy activities or just lounging about, but it’s come to nighttime and some of us like curling up with a good book and others; are dying to have a pint or a glass of wine to unwind and have a bit of fun. Morzine has many great pub locations that always have something going on, be it a quiz night or games night; something is usually happening. Pop in, or if you’ve been in there all day then stay put, and have a pint and a chat in the evening with your mates. Bar Robinson and Dixie Bar are just a couple to check out.

Selection of restaurants for any cuisine

Morzine has endless amazing restaurants that suit any taste and budget. Find the perfect one for you and treat yourself! Or To paraphrase a the well known saying; when in morzine… 

Below are just a few names to check out..

  • For Great value and great service; L’ Etale and La Rotonde serve a great range of Italian dishes.


  • The Creme de la Creme; L’Atelier is probably the priciest, and most luxurious, of the restaurants in morzine. With michelin chefs and sophisticated cuisines 

Breakfast and brunch; Beanies Cafe Bar, Satellite Coffee are right down f=the road from each other and both do great brekkie and brunch.

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