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There is over 200km of stunning, well-maintained walking routes to be seen in Morzine. These cater to people of all ages and levels, whether you want to have a leisurely stroll around the gorgeous lake and river or you want the challenge of climbing to the top of mountain peaks

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Here are our 5 favourite routes:


1. Chavannes:


This 12 km route gives absolutely stunning views of the Morzine and Manche Valleys, Plateau de Nyon, and Avoriaz. If you want something for a beginner this one is for you. It has slight elevation throughout and is reachable by the Chavannes cable car. If you want more of a challenge there is also an incredible cross-country skiing piste that runs on a designated path.

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2. Char des Quais:


We love this one. It gives the most fantastic view of Mont Blanc and Pointe Percy – the highest points in the Aravis range. and it’s great for any level, from beginners to more advanced hikers.

Walking through the lush meadows on the way to the summit is the most relaxing way to spend a day, and will melt the stress from your everyday life. Once you reach the summit you will have unparalleled views all the way to Mont Blanc and Pointe Percy, all of which will make you wish you could build a cabin and stay forever. It’s also the perfect place to sit and eat your pre-packed lunch and just take in the world as it turns.

Once you return to Aiglon, you’ll be able to avail yourself of dinner in a local restaurant, or in your apartment, and unwind in the locale in the rarefied air of the French/Swiss Alps.

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3. Mont Ouzan


This one isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s one of the more challenging routes around Morzine, but it’s also a lot of fun and the route takes in some of the most beautiful views in the area, allowing you the opportunity to stare, dumbfounded, at Lake Geneva, so if you’re not quite content with seeing the beautiful French side of the Alps, this is really the one for you!

This one takes roughly 7 hours to complete, starting from The Corbier pass, over the village of Le Biot, just outside of Morzine. It takes in a wonderful forest trek that will bring you to Lake Geneva, and Col de Nocodex, where you can take a break and enjoy your pre-packed lunch, before coming back around through more gorgeous forest paths to Col de Corbier and back to Morzine where you can enjoy the local restaurants or eat in the privacy of your apartment.


4. Montriond Village to the Lake


A relaxing stroll along the River Dranse and Montriond Village where you will take in stunning views of Montriond Lake and walk through the picturesque hamlets of Le Lavanchy and Le Dravachet.

On the walk, you will take in the atmosphere of the quaint and quiet village of Montriond and be able to lunch in Le Rocher which is just adjacent to the tourist office and is known for its reasonable prices and lovely homecooked meals. You can grab your evening meal here, grab a takeaway pizza to bring to the lake or return to Aiglon to take advantage of your evening meal.

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5. Dent D’Oche Ridge Walk


This one might just be our favourite. It is the most challenging – but absolutely spectacular – walks around Morzine. If you are a fan of scrambling and scrabbling, this is the walk for you, and it can be a fun-filled day for the family.

While it’s about a 45-minute drive from Morzine proper, it is definitely worth the drive. Heading down the main Thonon Road, you’ll be greeted by some of the most unimaginably beautiful sights that a person can see. Then, turning at a roundabout, you enter the Abondance Valley and are greeted with more truly marvellous views, as you drive you pass through several alpine villages where you’ll be greeted by a plethora of goats for you and your family to admire.

Finally, you reach the car park, and see for the first time the Magnificent peaks of Dent D’Oche, soaring above its surroundings.

The climb is steep from the very start, but it is very manageable for people with younger children. Depending on your speed you can reach the next milestone, The Chalet D’Oche, in about forty minutes to an hour. Here you’ll experience a wonderfully peaceful environment where whole families – even those with younger children – explore and frolic. You can take a break here, on the ascent or the decent, to enjoy the idyllic Chalet.

Next, you climb through a sensational alpine meadow and reach the final stage of your journey to the impressive peak of Dent D’Oche. The path from here can be quite tricky, but there are ropes and ladders there to help you, and quite often families with children navigate this slope successfully.

There is one more stop before reaching the peak. The Dent D’Oche refuge. This place is just spectacular. Built into the side of the mountain, it is from here you’ll start to see just how incredible the view will be from the peak, and get your first glimpse of Lake Geneva. The peak is now within reaching distance. Though you may want to take a break here to get a drink and enjoy the view, or overnight if you want to.

Once you get to the peak, well, you’re going to be completely speechless as you look over nearly the entire region, including the entirety of Lake Geneva. The blue skies seem to stretch forever, and the Lake is truly glorious from this vantage point.

Before you head back down you have a little over 20 minutes to hike, again it is advised that you take your time here and be as safe as possible. It is completely worth taking your time, not just for safety, but because you might get the chance to see a chamois (Mountain Goat), which really does add another level of specialness to what would be an otherwise amazing day.

On the way back down, you’ll once again pass the chalet where you could stop for a quick cheese board or glass of wine to celebrate the challenging, unbelievable, climb that you undertook, or you can return to Morzine and enjoy your evening meal in one of the local restaurants or in the peace of your own apartment.

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