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Europe’s ski runs have a complex system of colour coding, with different colours used to indicate the level of difficulty. Green runs are typically for beginners, blue runs are suitable for intermediate skiers and snowboarders, while black runs are reserved for advanced skiers and snowboarders who know how to handle challenging slopes. Red runs represent something between blue and black levels of difficulty.

Europe also has several other ski run colours depending on the country or ski resort, such as orange (Poland) and yellow (Finland). Additionally, some resorts use ‘mixed’ coloured runs, where you’ll find a combination of different difficulty levels. This is often the case when skiing in Europe, especially at ski resorts with lots of off-piste terrains. If you’re going on a ski holiday in Europe, it’s important to check the ski run colour codes before heading out on the slopes so that you can choose runs that are within your skill level. Knowing what each colour means can also help ensure that you stay safe and have an enjoyable time while skiing!

Green Circles

Green circles denote beginner-level runs and are generally wide, gentle slopes with minimal incline. These runs are perfect for those who are just starting out in skiing or snowboarding. 

Blue Squares

Blue squares represent intermediate-level runs, which may be slightly steeper and narrower than green runs but still manageable for those with some experience.

Red Circles

Red circles work as the midpoint between blue and black runs, denoting a certain level of difficulty designed for experienced skiers who do not feel quite ready for the challenge of a black diamond slope. 

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds designate expert-level runs and should only be attempted by experienced skiers or snowboarders who understand the risks associated with these dangerous trails. 

Double Black Diamonds

Finally, double black diamonds are the most extreme version of this type of run, reserved exclusively for experts with extensive knowledge and skill in navigating technical terrain.

Knowing what each colour signifies is essential for skiers and snowboarders in Europe, as Europe’s ski resorts often have a variety of runs with a wide range of difficulty levels. By understanding what each colour means, you’ll be able to choose the trails that suit your particular skill level and experience. Have fun out there!

We hope that our guide to the various types of ski run colours has given you some idea of what to expect as a beginner going skiing for the first time. If its your first time skiing, why not check out the Les ZouZous trail or the Seraussaix, or if you’re looking for the more serious trails, check out the Gazelle or the Chamois trails. For more information on the ski trails in the region, check out this map here.

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