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Morzine is well-known for its world-class mountain biking terrain, as well as its beautiful scenery on various cycling routes through the French alps. With the penultimate stage of the 2016 Tour de France finishing in the region, Morzine was placed firmly on the bucket list of places that any discerning cyclist just has to visit. Not only are the routes popular with accomplished cyclists, but the breathtaking scenery of many of the cycling routes also attract complete beginners looking for a relaxing Alpine cycling experience. Let’s take a further look into some of the many cycling routes available if you’re staying in Morzine – there’s something to suit everyone!

Giffre Valley

The Giffre Valley route is the perfect choice for beginners or anyone who is new to long-distance cycling. Suitable for year-round mountain biking, the route can take between 1h-2h45 to complete. The cycle through the Giffre Valley, along the river through Sixt Fer a Cheval, which possesses one of the most beautiful villages in France, is a truly fantastic experience. The route then takes you through the famous national park, Fer a Cheval, which contains a dozen impressive waterfalls and breathtaking cliffs. The route is ideal for a peaceful ride through gorgeous scenery, with plenty of cafes to stop for a coffee and cake along the way!

Col de l’Encranez

The Col de l’Encranez is a nice route to start yourself off with when you first experience mountain biking in Morzine. The route itself is relatively short (approximately 29 km) but it includes a few steep climbs which make the trail challenging, yet enjoyable. The route completely transports you from the hustle and bustle of the Morzine resort into the tranquil countryside surroundings and open plains. Although there is a small downhill section, the route is a good tester of an ascent up to the Col de l’Encranez. The cycle route is easy to follow and well signposted. However, caution should be taken on the last section down to Pont des Gets, because you can pick up speed very quickly and there are a good deal more vehicles after the left turn. Because the route isn’t too long, it would be the ideal choice to complete early in the morning or early evening, while avoiding peak sunshine hours during the hot summer months. We have detailed directions for the Col de l’Encranez including a map for the route.

Lake Geneva

Visiting Lake Geneva, whether it’s by car or by bike, is an absolute must for anyone staying in Morzine. The cycle route offers a gorgeous scenic cycle through quiet country roads with only gentle inclines, making it suitable for families and less experienced cyclists. To cycle around the entire lake would be more than 250km, which is quite a substantial journey. The route can be shortened, however, by stopping at Lausanne in Switzerland, which is roughly halfway around the lake, and by taking a ferry back to Evian on the nearside of the lake. Alternatively, you could simply cycle to Evian and take the ferry across the lake for a day trip to Lausanne. Not only does the route take you through the gorgeous scenery surrounding the lake, it also offers impressive views of the Alps and Jura mountains. To make the route a bit more challenging for experienced cyclists, you can also venture through the vineyard covered slopes of La Côte or the Lavaux region, which makes for a more demanding, yet rewarding, cycling experience.

Col de Joux Plane

Referred to as one of the toughest mountain climbs in the region, the Joux Plane certainly isn’t for the average holidaying cyclist. The route can be started from both sides of the mountain in either Morzine or Samoëns, but luckily for anyone staying in Morzine, the climb is a little bit easier coming from this side of the Col. The climb is roughly 11km with a gradient average of 9%, but a brilliant descent at the end of the cycle will make it all worth it. A tough cycle that nearly cost Lance Armstrong his Tour de France victory in 2000, the Joux Plane is an incredibly challenging, yet rewarding route and is definitely one to cross off the list of any experienced cyclist or mountain biker. Find a map, directions and more info on Joux Plane.

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