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So we had heard rumours that somewhere off the back of Verbier was a 26km descent. That was enough to put the wheels in motion for a cheeky day away. After a little investigation work we set off from Morzine at 6.45am and headed to Martigny where would would park the cars and jump on the train to Chable which sits at the bottom of the valley below Verbier. From there we took two cable cars and a chairlift to take us above Verbier to around 2500m. As you can see the scenery was incredible.

We decided that before the main event we would do one of the enduro loops off to the right of the lift. This itself would drop us all that way back to Chable. So a good 1600m descent.

We set off across a really technical rock garden traverse and then into some nice steep, tight switchbacks. The trail was marked 7a on the piste map, but a word of warning – the signage in Verbier is rubbish. If you go there just to ride the bike park then you will be fine, but if you want to explore the enduro stuff I would recommend a proper map.

It was lunch time when we made it back down to Chable, so a quick ‘plat de jour’ and we were back on the cable cars and chair lifts to the top again. This time we were heading to Verbier’s highest peak ‘Mont Fort’ to drop down over the back all the way to ‘Martigny’.

We headed left for approximately a 25mins pedal which included a couple of steep sections and then a 30mins biker hike.

By now, time was getting on a bit so we didn’t have long at the top to take in views, and to be honest we were quite keen to see what the epic descent had to offer.

Let’s just say it didn’t disappoint. Rock gardens, switchbacks, flowey single track. Pretty much everything from extreme exposed sections to just outright fun.

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