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Road biking is one of the most beloved and popular activities to try during the summer in Morzine. The terrain, the weather, the beautiful scenery full of lush green mountains, shimmering lakes and rivers make it the perfect retreat for cyclists. All sorts of people with all sorts of fitness levels can take on our Morzine bike routes, and we can help you find the best one for you. Whether you’re a professional looking for a strenuous and diverse road to tackle, a beginner looking to dip your toes into the cycling scene, or a tourist looking for a fun way to explore Morzine, there is a route out there for everyone. Read on to find information and maps for the most popular road bike routes of Morzine, and some insight on what you can expect from them in terms of route length, difficulty and backdrop.


Col de l’Encranez – 29km With 700m climb

This is a pleasant route to start yourself on when first trying road biking in Morzine, or even if you’re an experienced cyclist and wanted to ease yourself into more difficult routes. It’s quite a short trail, with a few steep climbs so it’s trying all the same yet extremely enjoyable. This route will take you up and away from the hustle and bustle of theMorzine resort, and into peaceful surroundings and open plains. This includes passing by magnificent classic Alpine homes and into the remarkable countryside of Morzine. Seeing as the route is not a long one, you can fit it in early in the morning and still have plenty of time to fill your day with other exciting activities or by simply relaxing in the sun.

Aiglon Morzine has fully detailed directions for Col de l’Encranez and a map for the route.


Joux Verte – 34km with 900m climb

The Joux Verte is a common cycling route that many enjoy. It’s a short enough circuit with a maximum gradient of 11%, making it an impressive climb with a prominent descent. This road bike route will allow you to experience the ascent to Avoriaz, which is a classic and well-known ascent. It’s recognised worldwide for being associated with Bernard Henault, aka ‘the badger’, for attaining the record he set for this ascent in the Tour de France. The climb is glorious and rarely feels too steep. The Joux Verte route will offer you a ton of beautiful scenery, including the infamous Avoriaz buildings and the collection of hairpin descents packed with goats. Some like to add variation to the Joux Verte and attempt it in reverse, allowing you to take on the Joux Verte ascent. All in all, a beloved road biking route that we highly recommend!

Aiglon Morzine has more information on the Joux Verte, with detailed instructions and a map of the road biking route.


Col de la Ramaz – 68km, 1800m climb

The Col de la Ramaz route is quite long and gruelling. While its average gradient is only 7%, this overall average conceals some highly steep ascents, particularly as you emerge from the tunnel section of the cycling route. The sheer length of this trail is what makes it quite tough and many often underestimate the difficulty of Col de la Ramaz. This is a beautifully scenic bike route that brings you to some truly high points where the view is exquisite. There are some variations of the route that you can attempt, that will all lead you right back home to Aiglon Morzine where we’ll have the well-deserved food and drinks ready for your arrival.

We have detailed directions and the map for Col De La Ramaz road bking route.


Joux Plane – 57km with 1500m climb

This is quite the infamous road biking route with a well-known, tiresome climb that is the toughest around the area. This climb is the famous ascent that almost cost Lance Armstrong his win in the Tour de France. Bear this in mind before taking on Joux Plane. Armstrong made the amateur mistake of not eating enough before he set out, so we urge you to always get the correct nutrition in before setting out. But don’t be discouraged, this is a beautiful route that will feel like an amazing achievement once completed. The climb is over 11km with a gradient average of 9%, but you’ll come to a brilliant descent that will make it all worth it. You’ll also see tons of gorgeous landscape, glistening rivers and tranquil alpine suburbs along your journey.

Find your map, directions and more info from Aiglon Morzine on Joux Plane.


Col de Bassacheux – 67km with 1700 m climb

The Col De Bassacheux route is very diverse and interesting, offering you an interesting ride full of adventure. This trail requires approximately 2 km of walking during a descent between Col De Bassacheux and Les Lunderets. Not a problem, simply remember to either use a mountain bike, wear running shoes instead of your usual clip-ins, or bring running shoes with you! Something nice about this trail is that you can take the option of stopping along in the beautiful village of Chatel, here you can go for a coffee or explore for a little while if you like, if not you can just stick to the main road and keep going. You’ll get to experience being at a high point of 1800m in the Alps, giving you a striking view, and you’ll pass Lake Montriand on your way home too. Many find the Col De Bassacheux to be a thoroughly enjoyable trail.

Find the map and more information on Col De Bassacheux from Aiglon Morzine.


Col de Jambaz – 75km with 1400m climb

This is our longest road biking trail but it’s not filled with too many tough ascents so it can be quite relaxing if you like. You can choose to push yourself with this one and make it an arduous workout if you like, but if you take it easy you’ll only experience two slightly strenuous climes, one halfway through and one at the end. The length of the bike route allows you to fully recover when you reach your final climb, and most of the journey is level. You’ll see a lot of beautiful landscapes and get to explore a lot of the area during the Col De Jambaz.

Find the map and directions for the Col de Jambaz.


Stay with Aiglon Morzine for your Morzine Bike Holiday

We hope you’re looking forward to your trip to Morzine and to tackling one of these spectacular road bike routes routes. We also have guided bike tours that we can organise for you which we highly recommend. Road biking tours are an excellent way to work out, meet new people, and do something exciting with your day. At Aiglon we have road biking special offers, where you can access our fine accommodation, meals and guided bike tours all in a package deal. Find more information on guided road bike tours in Morzine.