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Did you know that Summer is one of the best times of the year to visit the French-Alps?
There’s a saying amongst the expats in Morzine that goes ‘You come for the Winter, but you stay for the Summer’ and there’s good reason for that.

Most of us were initially attracted to Morzine by its activities such as skiing and snowboarding. With such a huge and diverse area to explore in the mountains, why wouldn’t you be? For those who decide to stay for the summer holidays, it is said and quite rightly so, that they will never go home!

There is so much to do in this resort located in the French-Alps during the summer holidays and although Morzine is getting busier each year there is still a relaxed atmosphere suited to families and children!

Mountain biking in Morzine

image of mountain bikers enjoying a view in Morzine mountains

Are you a mountain bike lover? Morzine is probably best known for being one of the best and largest mountain bike parks in Europe. I can also assure you that it has an endless supply of single track to explore. You just need to know where to look!

Here at the Aiglon Morzine we have everything a mtb biker requires from cleaning and maintenance areas to secure storage and drying room. We can also arrange guides and instructors for beginners and advanced mtb riders.

As well as mountain biking, Morzine is slowly getting recognised for its road biking. We have a number of cycling routes  that start and finish in town some of which take in some ‘Tour de France’ climbs such as the infamous ‘Col de Joux Plane’.
​Are you ready for a good time with your bike?

Wide range of summer activities

image of a man paragliding in Morzine

Morzine is also becoming the perfect destination for Triathlon training due to the obvious road riding opportunities, the extensive trail running routes and the swimming facilities in the 50M pool and the beautiful lake Montriond -perfect place for triathlon swim training- One of our partners here at the Aiglon is Buzz, coaching triathletes of all levels and offer a range of training options in swimming, cycling and fitness.
So are you looking forward to a summer of Sunshine and Adventure in Morzine? Here’s a list of just a few of the activities on offer : ​Canyoning – Climbing – Golf – Paragliding – Horse Riding ​- Helicopter flights – Swimming Rafting

Getting Here

If you are planning to park at an airport in the UK or Ireland before flying, then make sure to check out Parkhero.co.uk. They help you compare parking providers and find the best deal for your trip.


So whether you are a bunch of fella’s searching for activities and adventure or a young family after fun and relaxation Morzine has the answers.
Before I lived here I would never have thought of coming to the mountains for a summer holiday in France, But I urge you to give it a go!

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