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Here at L’Aiglon de Morzine we are busy getting prepared for our Winter 2020/2021 guests. Although this year will be different due to social distancing and increased safety precautions, we are still extremely excited and ready for the ski and snowboarding season to begin!

To help you plan your Winter trip, we’ve compiled a list of some of the key questions we often hear about skiing and snowboarding in Morzine.

How should I prepare physically?

If you’ve been skiing or snowboarding before, you’ll know how much of a strain it can put on your body evident by that familiar muscle pain after a day on the slopes.

If this is your first time skiing or snowboarding, you haven’t practiced these activities in a while or you feel your fitness may have dropped a little since we’ve been in lockdown, we highly recommend preparing your muscles for the level of activity you will be undertaking. We recommend doing at least some light exercise before heading on your holiday such as walking or jogging.

There are also more specific key areas you should be focusing on including your legs, glutes and core. There are numerous exercises which can help to strengthen these areas before you arrive in Morzine. Read our comprehensive blog here for tips on exercises to help prepare your body for skiing.

What age groups is Morzine suited for?

All age groups! The brilliant thing about Morzine is that it’s ski and snowboarding scene is suited to all age groups, making a great base for families but equally a great spot for the younger age group who are looking for a lively après ski scene.

What else can I do apart from skiing and snowboarding?

If you’d like to sample some off-slope activities then Morzine has plenty on offer. Choose from snowmobiling, tobogganing, escape room challenges, shopping, nature tours and ice-diving beneath the lake. We also have a world-class ice rink and a large swimming pool. Plenty to keep everyone entertained.

What level of skiing expertise do I need to have?

The Portes du Soleil features a variety of slopes which suit everyone from absolute beginners to veteran skiers. This makes Morzine the ideal skiing location for a family with varying levels of experience, a complete beginner trip or for seasoned slope pros.

Should I ski or snowboard?

While we love both, we understand that both may not be suited to your desires. For first timers, skiing is slightly easier as you won’t fall over as often and when you do you usually get advance warning. With snowboarding you’ll fall over more at first and will often catch the edge of the board and be on the ground before you even register you’re falling! Achieving the correct skiing technique will take many years whereas with snowboarding, once you can turn both ways on the board the rest is up to you. However, the choice is yours and both will provide you with plenty of enjoyment.

If you’re looking for lessons when you arrive here or to improve your skills then get in touch with these highly recommended ski-schools: Mint and British Alpine Ski School.

Where should I eat?

Our previous blog post provides a list of the top 10 places to eat in Morzine so be sure to check it out for some inspiration!

When are the ski lifts open from?

Morzine & Les Gets ski lifts are scheduled to open on December 19th 2020 until April 11th  2021 while the Avoriaz lifts are scheduled to open on December 11th until April 25th 2021. For more up-to-date information on the ski opening dates and times or to buy ski passes visit: https://www.seemorzine.com/lifts/dates.

If you’re visiting Morzine this winter season and are in need of accommodation then look no further than here at L’Aiglon de Morzine. Our fantastic self-catering chalets have been awarded the Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice Award 2020! We are enforcing strict Covid-19 safety precautions, which you can read about here.

Book your stay with us for this 2020/2021 Winter season!

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