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Best Online Ski Lessons

Exercises, Tutorials & Ideas To Prepare You For Skiing From Home!

Were you meant to be visiting us around this time for some late Winter skiing? Was your holiday taken away from you because of Covid-19? Or are you just here looking for something new to do? We’re all nearly through yet another week of quarantine and if you’re sick of Netflix, tired of the same old home workouts or going stir crazy doing arts and crafts with the kids- we’ve got something else for you to try……Skiing! 

Of course we are not talking about actual skiing on the slopes of Morzine. However,  we’re going to give you guys all the information on how you can practice and prepare by learning to ski online! You might have had to reschedule your skiing holiday for Winter 2020, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning and preparing now while you have some spare time. Since skiing schools and faux slopes are closed, you can’t physically go and take skiing lessons, so we’re bringing you the best ski videos and instructions from youtube and around the web.

We’re going to run through some exercises that will help strengthen your body for when you do hit Portes Du Soleil next Winter. We have compiled some brilliant ski lessons and some ways you can teach kids the basics of skiing right from the comfort and safety of your living room. This can be a fun activity to try with the family or whoever you’re living with, or a way to switch up your workout and learn/ explore a new skill. When you can finally go skiing for real- you’ll have a better idea of what you’re doing and you’ll know some helpful tips to get you down the sloped safely……and free of embarrassment.

Exercises To Prepare Your Body For Skiing

If you’ve ever been skiing before, you’ll be familiar with the strain it puts on your body and the pain from sore muscles after a day out on the slopes. You can, and it’s recommended, to get your body in shape before you head off on your trip. Preparing your body and strengthening it means you’ll have a much more enjoyable skiing holiday and won’t be unable to move from muscle pain on day two. 

Areas to focus on are legs, glutes, and your core. You’ll find some great exercises tailored to prepare you for skiing here.

Learn to Ski Online  – Tutorials For Skiing

Here you’ll find a complete written guide to skiing, so you can study and be fully knowledgeable on all things skiing before embarking on your trip. This will equip you with all the lingo, rules and step by step instructions on different tricks and jumps as well basics like putting on equipment. Definitely worth checking it out!

Here is where you’ll find ski instruction videos. They have both beginner and intermediate ski lesson videos. These videos are free and more are being uploaded regularly!

You can always count on youtube for endless free tutorials on just about anything, skiing included. A great skiing Youtube channel to follow is Stomp It Tutorials. They have tutorials for beginners, intermediates, and professionals! You can learn the skiing basics, explore complex tricks and find out what common mistakes to make sure you avoid.

Skiing with Your Kids at Home

If you’re looking for something fun to try with the kids, try teaching them about skiing at home! Perhaps they’re upset they never got their skiing trip, or they don’t know what skiing is- educate them on the sport, watch skiing movies and maybe attempt pretend-skiing at home! Use your imagination and see what you come up with. This video shows a man practicing skiing with his kids by putting them in their gear and driving them around the home in a plastic sled! This is, of course, just a bit of fun but who couldn’t do with some of that these days. 

Ski Lessons

All of the above in no way means that you can skip out on physical skiing lessons for when training centres and ski resorts reopen. Online tutorials, workouts, and tips are great to do on top of that and to prepare you for your lessons, but we always recommend practicing with a professional to ensure maximum safety and preparation. In the meantime, it will definitely help to learn and educate yourself on skiing, and to get your body in shape. It’s certainly something you can do to fill up the days and try something new with your family. We hope you have fun, and can’t wait to see everyone back on the slopes for winter 2020.

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