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Visitors to Morzine during the summer months have many activities to choose from with hiking remaining one of the most popular. From short routes to day-long hikes there’s something to suit all levels of ability. To provide you with some inspiration we’ve chosen four routes which we love and provided you with a little bit of information on each.


Perfect for beginners or an easier day out, Pleney is popular with both hikers, skiers, snowboarders and mountain bikers. To access this hike, head up the mountain from the bottom of the Pleney lift or alternatively head left up the Atray path. You can get to the top through the forests before finishing the loop on your way back down or carrying on to Les Gets which we highly recommend. Some of this route is shared with mountain bikers so leave space for these fast moving bikers on the trails.

Point de Nyon

The Point de Nyon is a 2019m peak accessible by the TS La Pointe chairlift in the winter. The steep ascent brings you through glorious forest and up to the Plateau de Nyon. The Plateau has a grassy meadow and offers fantastic views of Morzine.

The gravel track which becomes a ski slope in the winter then takes you up to the top where rewarding views of Mont Blanc and Lake Geneva can be found.

In terms of difficulty, this hike may prove difficult for younger hikers or beginners. Be sure to hike on a day with good visibility to ensure you get the most from the view. On your descent you can choose to go down the same way you came up or go down the back of the mountain where a steep single track takes you down to a clear lake on the way back to the plateau.


Nantaux is the tallest mountain in Morzine which means the views are spectacular while making it more suited to experienced hikers. Accessible from Montriond or the Kilometer Vertical. Montriond will bring you through the forests until you reach the ridge while the Kilometer Vertical goes straight up. Both routes are challenging.

Expect the whole hike to take between 4 and 5 hours and for your legs to hurt for a few days after, but we promise it’s worth it!

Mont Ouzon

To get to Mont Ouzon, you’ll need to drive up the Col de Corbier which is about a 20 minute drive from the centre of Morzine. This hike is relatively short but not suited to small children. To access the hike you need to head up the metal steps behind the shops at Col de Corbier.

The hike will take you up the side of the mountain, through fields and woodlands before it starts to turn steep. The steep part contains a chain to help you climb up which makes it unsuited to small children or those inexperienced in hiking. From the top enjoy views of Mont Blanc, Lake Geneva and Les Dents du Midi.

Mines d’Or Lake

Located about 15 minutes from the centre of Morzine and at the bottom of the Manche Valley, Mines d’Or is a small bucolic lake popular for walking and fishing. Although technically a walk unless you opt to climb Col de Cou due to its family friendly nature and wide variety of activities, we couldn’t exclude it!

Benefiting from a very pleasant environment with mountain pastures and coniferous forests surrounding it, Mines d’Or Lake is the ideal location for a family walk which can expand into a hike at the Col de Cou, located at the Swiss border. If choosing to hike up Col de Cou be aware that it is quite a demanding hike with 530 meres elevation along a single track.

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