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Best Morzine Apres Ski

It’s either been a long day of skiing or a long day of waiting for everyone to be finished with skiing (if you’re not a fan and are just there for the fun). Now it’s time for the best part of your holiday; après ski in Morzine! Après ski, if you didn’t know, refers to the social happenings and activities that follow a day’s skiing. It’s evening time and that means getting out and about for a few drinks, a dance and a tête-à-tête. We ventured out and concluded some of the most enjoyable research we’ve ever had to complete, and would highly recommend testing out the festivities for yourself. Today we’re talking; the best bars, clubs and parties aka the best Morzine Apres Ski. Morzine is one of the sprightlier of the French ski destinations who even have their own strong local beer, Mutzig, which will be sure to get you in the mood to party.



Cavern bar is easily one of the most hectic, energetic and loudest bars in Morzine where you’ll find a rowdy crowd for sure. It’s positioned in the centre of town adjacent to the tourist office so instantly the location is ideal for business and lends to its popularity, not that you’d need help finding it since it’s always bustling. Cavern bar is the perfect Morzine apres ski location for people who can embrace a bit of cringe and have fun with it. Resident DJs Ronnie and Disco Stu like to play your classic party sing-along songs as well as chart hits, and you’ll also often find live music in Cavern Bar with Jukebox Joel and occasional guest bands. Cavern bar would be your go-to sports bar with massive HD screens showing key sporting events, and the place to be if you like a timeless rock/pop playlist.



Happy hours bar is a well established stop- in for a day time drink. They serve food as well as drink and have a trendy youthful vibe. Something that sets them out from the masses and is their main unique selling point is their infamous weekly Wednesday bash. With guest DJ’s spinning tunes that cause plenty of table stomping and dancing for days, Happy Hours Bar is one of the coolest Morzine Apres Ski to let loose and have fun! They graciously provide a free taxi service to take you back to Morzine if you miss the last bus at 6, which means you don’t need to worry and can let your hair down for the evening. Generally, Happy hours bar has a diverse, hip range of music playing and often kicks off with a live band at 4pm barring Wednesdays. It’s found at the bottom of the Ardent ski lift and worth a visit.



Robbos! One of the more notorious of the Morzine bars, since they only serve one type of beer, yet it does the trick! The infamous Mutzig beer will have you singing, dancing and having a great time in no time. Mutzig ranges from 4-12% so due its intoxicating nature Robbos is only open till 8, and is a great and affordable way to start off your night and get you lit. You simply can’t have a list of best apres ski in Morzine without including Robbos, it’s practically a landmark!



Located at the base of Pleney you’ll find this bar/restaurant/ hotel; Le Tremplin! A sizable outdoor terrace at the foot of the slopes with live DJs every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, and their heated outdoor area, makes this a refreshing and spirited après ski with a great chic vibe about it. Tremplin is open daily till 8pm and often hosts the best après ski parties Morzine has to offer with guest DJs and live bands from 4pm. The food is great and they’ve got a wide selection that accommodates veggies as well as great meat and fish dishes, the people are friendly and these great aspects all combined make Tremplin a great spot and one of our strong favourites of the Morzine bars to visit for dinner and a drink post ski.



Anyone who’s been out skiing in the alps and loves to party will have heard of La Folie Douce! La Folie Douce is in fact a chain of outdoor party bars across the French alps and skiers in Morzine can access the Avoriaz location via the Prodains lift. The Avoriaz location is still fresh on the slopes and popped up only about a year ago in the winter of 2018/2019. Be ready for a major party with table dancing, champagne spraying and crowd pleasing music. Those staying in Avoriaz are lucky in this case since they don’t have to worry about the last lift and can get home on foot but for those staying in Morzine; be careful to not get too carried away and miss that last lift. A Folie Douce fiesta is one for the books, a wild Morzine après ski and club you’ll be glad to have made the journey for.


There are tons of great nightlife and apres ski locations to choose from in Morzine, being a spirited and dynamic skiing destination, we hope we helped with narrowing down where to check out and have fun doing so!